Left picture at 221 Right picture 260 I’m 6ft tall. I hide my weight very well, this was from Nov 2015 to March 2016. Don’t quit and don’t give up.  I learned that there’s so much more in me.  My Coach helped me reinvent myself!

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Santa Tom 

Tom and I had tried many ways to lose the weight we had gained in our 14 years of marriage. Nothing worked.  It was always lose a little, get discouraged and quit.  Coach Venus has a program that is working for us.  Tom has lost 55 pounds now and I have lost 35. More important than the weight loss is how we feel.  The energy level is amazingly improved and the lost pounds have made many of the aches and pains disappear.  Tom has been approved to get rid of his pre prediabetic meds. 


Her plan works for us.  The food tastes good and we are never hungry.  She makes it easy by providing the meal plans, grocery lists, instructions and recipes.

We have changed our eating habits and learned how to manage the daily challenges when life gets In the way of healthy eating.  I believe we will continue using what we have learned permanently even after we reach our weight loss goals.

Thank you Coach Venus.


In 2011 a stranger used her “outside voice” to humiliate me on an aircraft when she refused to sit next to me. At the time, I was morbidly obese and pre-diabetic. I went
on a series of yo-yo diets and in 2014 I was still morbidly obese and
pre-diabetic. That was the same year I lost 6 family members due to preventable illnesses all associated with obesity. Through self care, portion controlled clean eating and practical exercise I was able to lose 110 unwanted pounds and transform my life.

Since then, I’ve  helped more than 125 people transform the quality of their life by coaching them to a state of sustainable wellness. More than 91% of the participants I’ve coached have lost the weight they wanted to lose and, more importantly, 80% have maintained their weight loss goals.

 I am NASM certified in personal training and group fitness.  I also teach PiYo & Core De Force fitness classes. Health and wellness training is available online for the busy professionals that can’t make it to the gym.No worries, I was able to reach all of my fitness goals in the comfort of my own home.   As your trainer I’ll bring the workout to your front door, or you can meet me at my gym!  Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up or simply to start living a healthier lifestyle, I have a customized program just for you.

I am currently accepting new clients and I would love to discuss a customized program that will meet your individual needs, or the needs of your entire organization.