This stay at home mommy on my team was feeling sorry for herself and depressed because no matter what she tried doing, nothing worked and she just couldn’t get rid of the excess post-pregnancy weight! In her own words: “It was a blessing that my coach (yes, we all have coaches too) sent me an invite to a group on line and I thought…why not? I’ll try!

After 1 week of following the menu ( as closely as possible) I actually lost 4lbs and couldn’t believe the scale! I remember I was in shock and made my husband weigh himself to see if the scale was actually working!!! So it was then that I decided to give the 21 day fix program a try…and I never looked back.

So here it is you guys! This is what 2 rounds of 21 DAY FIX , 1 round of core de force and Hammer & Chisel – in progress – looks like! I couldn’t be any prouder of myself for sticking through the programs and completing all those daily 30-45 minute workouts! I’m now doing a new workout to tone my body and define my muscles…me…that same mom who could barely look in the mirror a few months ago!!!

I’ve lost a total of 30 lbs and 20+ inches!!!! (6 inches just on my waist). Like everything in life, you get out of it what you put in and I’m an all-in kind of person….it just took me having the courage to start my journey so I could see how strong I really was and am.”